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Work and Travel

Summer Work and Travel

Work & Travel USA helps U.S. businesses meet their seasonal staffing needs by matching employers seeking short-term, entry-level seasonal staffers with international university students seeking work under the J-1 visa program. Participants are available for summer and winter seasons and are able to work up to 4 months—longer than U.S. students.

We have skilled, motivated participants to fill a variety of positions, including:

Housekeeping Kitchen Help Ride Operators
Retail Staff Dishwashing Counter Staff
Wait Staff Maintenance Food Servers

Work & Travel USA Features:

No Cost, Hassle Free Service

U.S. employers pay no fees. We send you applications to review.
You choose who to hire and we do the rest.

Personal Assistance

A dedicated account manager takes the time to understand your needs
and matches you with screened and qualified applicants.

Comprehensive Screening and Orientation Process

Applicants are interviewed and tested for English fluency. Orientation programs are
held in the participant's home country and in the U.S. to ensure applicants have realistic
working and living expectations.


Provided to employers and participants throughout the entire program.

Over 35 Years of Experience

Our Co-sponsor for Summer Work Travel has been arranging cultural exchange programs for over 35 years.

Seasonal Employers Hire International Students for:

Full-Season Coverage

International university students have longer breaks than U.S. students allowing participants to work longer. By staggering staff arrival dates, employers can ensure full-season coverage.

Summer and Winter Availability

Summer participants arrive from countries in the Northern Hemisphere and work between May and November. Winter participants arrive from the Southern Hemisphere and work between December and April.

An International Workplace

Participants arrive from more than 30 countries, adding an international flair to your business. Participants are carefully screened and have strong English skills.

Their Commitment to Employers

Applicants sign a contract agreeing to work through their full commitment and meet all job requirements.

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